Sunday 29 November 2015

Textiles not cards ...

My final post for this evening - no card, no stamps and no ink!  This is all about textiles my other favourite pastime.  At this time of the year I create to sell at local craft fairs - very small scale but fun and it gives me an excuse to get my sewing machine out.  It is also a way of justifying all the fabric that seems to find its way into my craft stash!

I like to design and create cushions - last year it was all about Minions and this year seems to be all about hearts and bunting.  These are some of the cushions I've made:

The photographs are not brilliant but hopefully you get the idea!

I also made more Christmas trees - always popular as table decorations.



  1. wow Elaine, you are so talented. These heart cushions are amazing and what great gifts they would make. And I just adore the trees. I would have then on display not on my table!


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