Thursday 31 December 2015

2015 Last post ...

To all my followers and everyone that visits my blog I would like to wish you good health and happiness for the New Year!

Well Christmas has been and gone ... I know it arrives on the same date every year but I still wasn't ready this year with cards and gifts!  My problem was that although I had planned time to do everything what I hadn't planned for the unexpected!  The unexpected happened ...  I had to make an unplanned trip to my parents in Lincolnshire the weekend before Christmas.  This did mean that I missed the last posting dates for cards but I have made up for it by creating New Year cards.  This is the card using one of my favourite techniques for 2015 - inlaid dies.  A simple design but easily replicated.

The numbers have been die cut from card that I printed using acrylic paints and my gel plate.

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  1. Thanks for your New year wishes - same to you! Wonderful card - I like your inlaid die cuts!


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