Sunday 29 January 2017

Budding printmaker ...

For one of my Christmas presents I was given the opportunity to attend a printing workshop with the wonderful artist Sue Brown at the yard:ARTspace (Cheltenham) and it proved to be one of the best Christmas presents that I have ever received.  The day was spent being inspired and taught by this amazing lady ... please follow the link and check out her work it is beautiful. The aim was to create collagraph prints (a Collagraph print is one made from a plate collaged with different textures which is then inked and printed using a press).  I was so engrossed in the day that all concerns and worries disappeared!

Now I am no artist (my drawing skills are limited) but I love creating with shapes, texture and colour.  I love messing around with paper and ink ... I thought I would share a couple of the prints that I created.

For the first print I created two plates (using mount board and different types of self adhesive tape to create shapes and different tones of colour).  One plate was inked in yellow and red and the other with blue - the first plate was printed and then the second plate was lined up and printed.  This is the end result:

Very abstract!

After lunch we created another plate, slightly larger, again just using different adhesive tapes to add texture for the ink to pick up.  This time the idea was to explore adding additional colour by adhering tissue and thin paper to the printing process.  This is the print that I finished with:

Another abstract!!

I also attend a printmaking evening class ... which is all about printing without a press. I might share some of my other print in another post.  


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  1. Wow Elaine, these two prints look amazing, well done ;) Viv xx


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