Sunday, 16 February 2020

Mixed media fun ...

This project is all about having fun ... I've been working on it for quite some time and I'm not sure where it is going or how much more I need to do.  It combines lots of bits and pieces ... drypoint etched prints that didn't work as a finished piece, some linocut prints that weren't perfect so I cut them up, old stamps, old book and music pages, gel prints. stamped images and lots and lots of sewing!  It is three inches tall by a yard wide (8cms by 92cms).  It's a difficult beast to photograph but hopefully these will give you a feel for it:


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  1. Hey Elaine!!! Aww 😊 this piece of craftwork looks so beautiful. Trying to do something useful from things around us sounds pretty fine. I just loved your idea and I too love to try the same from some of the fabrics lying in my wardrobe. I think you did a lot of hard work sewing everything together. Waiting for more such craftwork and designs.!!! Have FUN 😊 Please visit us at


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